Sony India Memperkenalkan α6700: Lonjakan Revolusi dalam Teknologi Tanpa Cermin APS-C

Sony India has recently introduced the game-changing α6700, a camera that marks a new era in APS-C mirrorless technology by combining the key features of Sony’s acclaimed Alpha and Cinema Line series. This latest addition to the α6000 series boasts an unparalleled level of innovation and sophistication.

Enhanced Photography with AI Technology

Equipped with a groundbreaking 26.0 megapixel back-illuminated Exmor R CMOS sensor and powered by the BIONZ XR engine, the α6700 guarantees exceptional image quality. Its impressive low-noise performance and heightened sensitivity allow for flawless shooting across a wide ISO range. The camera also introduces the revolutionary “Real-Time Recognition AF” system, ensuring precise and responsive autofocus for stunningly sharp images.

Redefined Video Quality

Continuing Sony’s tradition of delivering top-notch video capabilities, the α6700 supports 4K video recording at an astounding 120fps. This allows for seamless, high-quality footage with a remarkable 14+ stop latitude. Additionally, the camera incorporates the S-Cinetone feature, which produces refined and cinematic visuals even in challenging lighting conditions.

Compact and Power-Packed Design

Despite its compact and lightweight frame, the α6700 offers a plethora of advanced features. A touch-operable vari-angle LCD monitor adds convenience and flexibility to shooting angles, while customizable dials provide a personalized shooting experience. Moreover, the camera’s 5-axis in-body image stabilization system guarantees steady shots, making it an excellent companion for photographers on the move.

Pilihan Mampan

Sony demonstrates its commitment to sustainability through the α6700’s construction, incorporating recycled materials that minimize environmental impact. The camera also features a Screen Reader function, enhancing accessibility for visually impaired users.

Soalan-soalan yang kerap ditanya (FAQ)

Q: What is the price of the Sony α6700 in India?
A: The Sony α6700 is available at Sony outlets and e-commerce platforms in India, with prices starting at ₹136,990 for the body-only option.

Q: What are the standout features of the α6700?
A: The α6700 showcases remarkable AI-driven photography excellence, 4K video recording at 120fps, a compact and robust design, and an emphasis on sustainability.

Q: Does the α6700 have image stabilization?
A: Yes, the α6700 incorporates a 5-axis in-body image stabilization system to ensure steady shots.

Q: What are some unique features of the α6700?
A: The α6700 introduces “Real-Time Recognition AF” for precise autofocus, S-Cinetone technology for refined movie imagery, and a touch-operable vari-angle LCD monitor.

Q: How does Sony promote sustainability in the α6700?
A: Sony employs recycled materials in the α6700’s construction and includes a Screen Reader function for enhanced accessibility.

With the release of the α6700, Sony India has undoubtedly raised the bar for APS-C mirrorless technology, offering photographers and videographers an unparalleled level of creative freedom and performance.