Cermin Mata Hitam Menunggang Viris Raptor: Keseimbangan Prestasi, Kesesuaian dan Nilai

The Viris Raptor riding sunglasses are designed to meet the needs of cyclists in all riding conditions. These sunglasses, produced by independent UK brand Viris, come equipped with four different lenses to provide versatility and performance.

The lenses included with the sunglasses are a clear lens for everyday use, a yellow tint for low light conditions, a rose tint that enhances contrast, and a polarized mirror lens for bright conditions. This range of lens options ensures that cyclists will have the right lens for any riding situation they encounter.

One of the standout features of the Raptor sunglasses is their excellent value. With a competitive price point, these sunglasses offer a high level of performance and quality without breaking the bank. Cyclists can enjoy the benefits of multiple lens options at a fraction of the cost of other sunglasses on the market.

In terms of fit and adjustability, the Raptor sunglasses perform well. The arms of the sunglasses are simple but effective in keeping the glasses securely on the rider’s face. The semi-enclosed angular frame provides decent coverage and a range of frame color options are available.

The nosepiece of the sunglasses is adjustable, ensuring a comfortable fit for all riders. The arms of the sunglasses feature a soft rubber pad at the end for added security during rides. However, some users have reported a slight issue with helmet rattle and the wide arms of the sunglasses.

It is worth noting that an updated version of the Raptor glasses has been released since the time of the article. This updated version may address any concerns or issues reported by users.

Overall, the Viris Raptor riding sunglasses offer a compelling balance of performance, fit, and lens options at a smart price. Cyclists looking for an affordable and versatile eyewear option should consider giving these sunglasses a try.

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