Cara Melabuhkan Kapal Anda di Starfield: Panduan Langkah demi Langkah

In the vast universe of Starfield, there are thousands of planets to explore, with around one hundred of them being habitable. Alongside these planets are numerous space stations and starships waiting to be discovered. One of the important features of this game is the ability to dock your ship at these locations. If you’re unsure how to do this, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.

To dock your ship in Starfield, you can choose to dock with either a space station or another starship. The process is the same for both scenarios.

First, make sure there is a nearby ship or space station in your star system. Then, press the “E” key on your keyboard or the “A” button on your Xbox controller to lock onto a nearby target. Pressing “E” again will cycle through other ships and space stations in your vicinity.

Once you have locked onto a space station or starship, hold “E” to signal your intention to board. If you don’t receive a response, it’s likely that something is amiss on that space station, so it’s best to move on to the next one.

As you move closer to the target, you need to be within 500 meters to dock. Once you are in range, a pop-up will appear on your screen, prompting you to dock. Hold the “R” key on your keyboard or the “X” button on your controller to dock.

Congratulations! You have successfully docked your ship in Starfield. The process is straightforward and requires minimal effort. However, keep in mind that while your ship is docked, you won’t be able to fast-travel to other points in the game. To fast-travel again, you will need to undock your ship by leaving through the air-lock.

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