Angkasawan Menemui Akarnya: Melihat Iran dari Angkasa

Astronaut Jasmin Moghbeli, currently aboard the International Space Station (ISS) as part of SpaceX Crew-7, recently captured breathtaking photographs of Iran from space. Born in Germany and raised in Baldwin, New York, Moghbeli’s connection to Iran lies with her parents who fled the country during the Iranian Revolution in 1979. This unique opportunity allowed Moghbeli to catch a glimpse of her heritage, as her orbit brought her spacecraft directly overhead.

The Iranian Revolution, which shaped the events of 1978-79, resulted in the establishment of an “Islamic republic” that enforced conservative social values while suppressing intellectualism, nationalism, and left-wing ideologies. Women’s rights suffered under this regime, perpetuating a similar social structure in Iran today.

Being able to view her parents’ homeland from space was a deeply moving experience for Moghbeli. While her busy schedule and uncertain weather conditions initially posed challenges, the moment finally arrived where everything aligned, allowing her to capture the stunning images. Reflecting on the significance of the moment, Moghbeli expressed, “This may be the closest I will ever get to where my parents were born and raised.”

In a heartfelt exchange with her parents, who currently reside in Texas, Moghbeli shared the photos of Iran and engaged in conversation about the places they had lived while growing up and starting their journey together. For Moghbeli, this was an opportunity to connect with her family’s past in a unique and meaningful way.

Aside from this awe-inspiring experience, Moghbeli has had a busy month on the ISS. She recently joined fellow NASA astronaut Loral O’Hara in the fourth-ever all-women spacewalk to replace solar array equipment. Their collaborative efforts continued as they worked together to remove hardware from an airlock in the U.S. Tranquility module, creating space for a Nanoracks external platform that will facilitate a series of experiments in space.

As Moghbeli continues her exploration and scientific endeavors on the ISS, her encounter with Iran from space will forever remain a significant and personal milestone in her journey as an astronaut.

Soalan-soalan Lazim

1. What is the Iranian Revolution?

The Iranian Revolution refers to the series of events that took place in 1978-79, resulting in the overthrow of the Iranian monarchy and the establishment of an “Islamic republic.”

2. What were the social impacts of the Iranian Revolution?

The Iranian Revolution led to the enforcement of conservative social values and the suppression of intellectualism, nationalism, and left-wing ideologies. Women’s rights were greatly affected, with state-sanctioned violence leading to a decline in their rights and freedoms.

3. How did Jasmin Moghbeli capture the photos of Iran?

During her time on the International Space Station (ISS), Jasmin Moghbeli’s orbit brought her spacecraft nearly directly overhead Iran, allowing her to capture stunning photographs of the country from space.

4. How did Jasmin Moghbeli’s parents connect with Iran?

Jasmin Moghbeli’s parents fled Iran during the Iranian Revolution in 1979. They subsequently immigrated to Germany before eventually settling in the United States.